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Mustafa Büyüközer

Mustafa Büyüközer

I worked at different levels of the IT sector for nearly 15 years.I am the focusing, visual design and web development last 7 years. The best design firms in the region where I worked. Private educational institutions gave lectures on web design.Currently, several agencies in the name of free designs and manufactures individually. For many projects at home and abroad have been giving graphic and web services. Corporate companies to devote to the internet consulting, I have been in the visual director of some special events. Painting, digital art, decoration, music is my work in areas such as professional and amateur. I wrote a book dealing with historical and philosophical perspective Martial Arts in 2001.The content of the book is now converted into a web site. In 2007, Psychedelic Trance-themed design and have published an e-magazine. This first of its kind in Turkey in terms of content. At the same time, supported by professional artists, coordinating OOM Vision. OOM Vision, decoration, digital printing, t-shirts, pictures, painting is done. Currently working on a different concept with a travel guidance system. I live in the region of local firms, web and graphic design to produce...


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Boutiqe Agency / Antalya 3gengrafik.
Internet Services / Antalya Double Solutions.
Advertising Agency / Antalya Groove Project.
Psy Wear Clothes / Hungary Public Beta Kft..
Show - Music - Production / Antalya Role Street.
Software - Development / İstanbul DetayNet.
ONLINE STORE / USA - Australia Redbubble.

Past Projects

AntalyaGuide Portal / AntalyaFestivals Portal / Antalya Convention Bureau / Golden Orange Film Festival (40-41TH Years) / Iopay Internetional / TaskInternetServices / AjanswebInternetServices / AlgothermTURKEY / Babylontown Olympos / BPM International / COMSISTurkey / Divasa Olympos / DJ Beat / DJ Led / DJ AnodeMode/ Doğa Motel Olympos / Ekol Education Agency / Element Sound&Light / Erkam Publication Ltd. / Fikret Gezer Textile / Intro Sound&Light&Vision Systems / Karagünlü Ltd Co / Indi Information Technology / MCE Production / Uçaş Parke Co / Büyüközer Physics / Fullmoon Festival Alanya
Hecta Ostrich Farm Bulgaria / ICE Club Kemer / Inferno Club Kemer / Simetri Architecture / Makro Ltd. Co. / Mana Organisation / Odin Design - Germany / Ocean Wave Beach Club Lara / Özden Education Agency / Pizza Box / Sağır Law Office / Urbantalya City Portal / Pınarlar Construction Co. / Alp Paşa Butiqe Hotel / Ece Medical Co. Antalya / Riva Real Estate / 40 Derece T-shirts / Andıç Agriculturel Antalya / Asya Söve İstanbul / Cenk Kızıklı İstanbul / Modart Leather Fethiye / Vinis Wine / Deloras Fashion Textile - China / Hannover Paşa Restaurant - Kemer / Kırmızı Grapgic Agency / Psyfiles International Dance Festival
Savoy Hotel - Antalya / Yöntem Construction Co. / Aura Real Estate - Kaş / Karma E-Magazine / Intelligent Monkey Recording - Italy / SSM Art Instute / Asur Real Estate Antalya / Fire of Soul Art & Show Group / Nice Port Travel Agecny / Pidex Food Co. / Sinpaş Airport Residence / Turkey Trade Center (Turtim) / RAI Club Kemer / Empati Organization / Afyon Outdoor Sports Foundation / Tactic Media - İstanbul

The value that revealed by this project is music and universal stance of music. JOJOMI is a set of letters that has no meaning in any language known. So it's a hollow word. At this exact point, we have a word that we can fill in which belong to us...
Come on..

Let's lend an ear to our inner voice..!!
JOJOMI is a web radio... 18 mounts 7/24 music....Chill - House - PsyTrance - Techno - Reggae...8 thousand unique users...More than 50 countries .. Offline version is here.
Oom vision laid its foundations after Mustafa Buyukozer’s visit to Goa by the end of 2005 and was founded with the supports of Zeynep & Deniz Yimsel sisters. It is the very first online psychedelic shop in Turkey. The internet site was launched in 2007 July, starting t-shirt designs, decorative ultraviolet backdrop production, digital poster designs and graphic & web design. Oomvision opened its first stand in PsyFiles Festival/Olympos in 2007 July to present its production to psychedelic trance lovers. The attraction drawn in oomvision proved that we were moving in the right path in production. Oomvision opened another stand in 2nd Juggling festival on October of the same year and designed the official t-shirts of the festival. On 18 November 2007, the first Online Psychedelic Trance Magazine of Turkey was launched on and aroused huge interest. Still being published, Maji is unique in the worldwide psy population for its visuals and the content, and increasingly improving its cultural and artistic quality with more than followers within the country and around the world. Now, oomvision and majimag are being produced and coordinated only by Mustafa Buyukozer. Besides, special editions are being supported by Professional artists.
Nowadays, oomvision is primarily focused on web&graphic and digital designs, and professionally makes production for festivals organized in Turkey. Maji e-mag on the other hand, has continued developing and interviewed many famous Turkish and foreign dj’s, while publishing interesting articles by different authors. Published in English and Turkish. Maji Mag continues to grow with the contributions of Mustafa Buyukozer.

Within the Turkish psy population which kept its fast pace of growth after the "Soulclipse" Solar Eclipse Festival in 2006, oomvision and majimag has had many break grounds and has been and will be devotedly setting a good example and guide for the developing psychedelic music and culture.
I wrote a book dealing with historical and philosophical perspective Martial Arts in 2001.
The content of the book is now converted into a web site.

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